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Päivi Jokinen (2022)
The Assemblage of Tinyliteracies: A posthumanist rethinking of literacies beyond human-centredness

This study connects with the posthumanist ontological turn by problematizing the status of the literate human being as the center of the world on the ruined planet. For a rethinking of the habitual and taken-for-granted understanding of literacies, the research explores and speculates what else might also be happening within the literacy phenomenon. The study asks: 1) What is brought forth when thinking with literacies in the context of migrant education? 2) What do affect and embodiment produce for a rethinking of literacies in Finnish language assemblages? 3) In the study of literacies, what does the posthumanist ontology produce for methodological choices? Tinyliteracies emerge as a proposal to create space for literacy practice beyond the grand narratives of human supremacy or Finnish exceptionalism. Rather, tinyliteracies operate as emergent, minor, embodied, and affective.

A performative picture of the liveliness of tinyliteracies has been produced together with artist Anna Vuorinen.

Toppahousujen suhina
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Woosh of winter trousers

Picture has been produced together with artist Anna Vuorinen.

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